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Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses?

Dispensing Pediatric Eyewear

    Katheryn Dabbs Schramm is president and CEO of A Child's View Pediatric Optical Dispensaries, and a nationally recognized author and authority on pediatric eyecare and eyewear.

    Katheryn Dabbs Schramm, an expert and recognized authority on children's eyewear, brings easily understood answers to questions posed by parents faced with putting glasses on their child. In her newest book, Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses? Ms. Schramm uses stories of parent's struggles and achievements to reinforce her underlying message the critical importance of children receiving professional eye care and wearing glasses when prescribed.

    In Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses? Katheryn explains optical terms and techniques in a straight-forward, easily understood manner. She offers advice on frame and lens selection and details the technique of Persuasion used to teach any aged child, regardless of mental or physical limitation, to successfully wear glasses. Infants, toddlers, children with Down syndrome or Facial Difference, those who are hearing impaired, even rambunctious two-year olds, all can be taught to wear glasses successfully using these time-honored methods. After reading Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses? parents will answer this question with a resounding, "Yes!"

    "In her new book, Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses? Katheryn Schramm answers not only this question but every question a parent has regarding children's eyewear. This book is the most complete, useful text published on this important topic and is the first to be written for the parent."

-Julie Snyder

    "This book is a must read and is sure to become the most important resource for every parent who has walked out of the doctors office having learned their child needs glasses."

-Rev. Linda Robinson
Marriage and Family Therapist

    "For the past 17 years, I have worked with parents and children who have accomplished the task you have before you by using the techniques detailed in, Will My Child Actually Wear These Glasses? Katheryn has succinctly packed all the information, tools, and hope that can translate into success for you and your child. I highly recommend this book."

-Anne M. Lystne, ABOC
Pediatric Optician




Dispensing Pediatric Eyewear provides invaluable, practical suggestions to help gain compliance and accurately fit pediatric clients. The author discusses the special needs of the pediatric client and how practitioners can expand this part of their eyecare practice.

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